Wednesday, June 15, 2005

mind control

this is just a random thought..... my imagination goes crazy sometimes so bear with me. this illusion came over me or was it a memory. i was walking down the street the buildings were melting but i barely noticed. the street was cracking but i didnt care. my arms weighed a ton. my head was light as a feather. i remember letters popping out of my skin kind of like in the exorcist when that little girls stomach has letters popping out of it. I remember was reality Mr. baliga...yeah thats his name my algebra-2 teacher. i remember i wasnt walking down the street i was in his class and i was trying to decipher the writing on my hands and arms he came up to me and asked me a question.... i just remember him saying blah blah blah ...and i responded the same way the whole damn class erupted in laughter. to say the least i got in trouble and sent to the deans office. but i went to the alley behind the school our smoking spot. of course there was the usual people there ready to spark up. i remember walking down the street and it felt like my head was detached from my body and when i walked it felt like i was walking in slow motion. It was a trip.


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