Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ok jr...heres an old story

i remember when i was about 17...me and oscar, were hanging out with one of his friends and some girls at these projects where his girl lived. we were just hanging out drinking and smokin. it was about 2 am when we were going home. we started walking towards the main street which we had to cross to get back to oscars house. two guys approached us and started talking shit. we started getting ready for a confrontation when they whistled and all of a sudden you can see guys coming out of every freakin direction. it was three of us and about 15 maybe 20 of them ... shit we pushed the two guys in front of us to the floor and started running. these punks took off in a different direction than me... i started running towards a field i think it was a cotton field. when i was just about to enter it one of the guys hit me in the back of the head with something hard... maybe a bat or stick ... i fell then i kicked him in the stomach then another guy jumped on me and i elbowed him in the face. when he fell i kicked him then looked back and i saw that they had caught one of them either oscar or his friend.. i think his name was brian ... then i ran into the field... i fell and got up again i ran about 50 yards then fell again. i stood there for a long time. i felt and heard a snake on the back of my neck but ignored it. about an hour passed when i finally didnt hear anything. i got up slowly looked around and no one was around. i ran towards the street and started crossing it ..when i heard someone screaming at me ...and they started throwing bottles. shit i never ran so fast. i made it back to the house without being seen. once there i opened the window and crawled in to see oscar and brian lying on the floor bleeding. it wasnt that bad.. they had a couple of bruises and cuts. it turned out that it was oscar that was caught brian got into it with 2 of them but jumped in a car that stopped and let him in.. they left oscar while they chased brian and looked for me and thats when he got away. shit to be a teenager again.


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