Friday, August 19, 2005

100th time

this is my 100th post... and i was thinking of all things that are on on my mind ... heres a couple

1. first what is the deal with imitation crab... what the hell is that?
2. gas...holy shit.. thats all that needs to be said.
3. crunk rap...what the fuck is that
4. the phoenix suns giving up joe johnson...fucken colangelo ..i hate you
5. phoenix suns picking up grant.. damn the dude is fucken old .. he sucks
6. the chicago cubs not making it to the playoffs... bastards
7. diamond backs not making it to the playoffs... again bastards
8. spammers leaving messages on your comment section on your blog... ass munchers
9. h.o.a.'s (home owners associations) i hate those bastards...
10. lazy ass coworkers....who in turn make you lazy because you are waiting for them for work..
11. the andy ever you spell that kids name... he sucks i heard hes really in his twenties.
12. mtv not playing any music videos... and when they finally do, its crap.

now back to my ranting

i sit here looking at the mirror. my eyes bleed from the dryness within, my tear ducts wont leak anymore. im all out of tears, i cry tears of blood. how can i not have a negative view on the world all i see is the evil that makes me bleed.

how would it be to be in your shoes to be looking out through metal bars. to be locked in a cage like an animal. your path led that way. you chose the road and broke your own dream. you choose to blame anybody but yourself ... maybe we should change shoes and see what i see from my view...


Blogger Tiffany said...

andy mila-what the fuck sucks (see a previous post on my blog)
Fucking as spammers suck.
Gas prices keep going up and I will be forced to walk to work!!
any happy 100th!

7:59 AM  
Blogger DeCoMpOsEd said...

im thinking of getting a vespa drive to work.. haha .. no way.. and thanks

8:27 AM  

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