Tuesday, May 30, 2006

no se... otraves

takes a spark to get the mind on time... cause this life is about waisting time... wether you do it right or wrong there aint no stopping it.. gotta get on the good foot cause you aint got no choice but to take your next step. get left behind cause some one dropped a dime ... now they after you .. .more time to waste...but you dont pick the place... oh to late they got you... time to face the music... the beat keeps skipping..what to do... listen to the funky jazz rhythmn... create a new one ...with what you have... all sounds confusing... but it takes a wrong mind to understand and comprehend the right vibe... all great minds think alike... no not really ... all great minds act alike, i know all sounds weird but piece the clues together and see how long it takes but remember your on the clock .... time to face the music.


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