Friday, June 17, 2005

random memory

i was reading this writing exercise of how you pick a random memory from your past and write about it not knowing all the details and adding the details yourself wether truth or imaginery......

i remember when i was about 12 maybe 13 i was walking with a friend through an alley behind a liquor store when he said he smelled something....we went to investigate and we found a mini-field of ...put it this way herbal enlightment.... to say the least we grabbed a shit load of it.... i think it was a friday beacause that was normaly when i hooked up with my cousins and friends at my grandmas house and i remember that afternoon i met up with them there. after i told them this we took a trip and left the mini-field bare. i found out later that it all belonged to our local gangbangers. now that i think about it this story was basically all truth, thanks guys it was great.


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