Tuesday, July 26, 2005

the good ol days.

i remeber when i was about 4 maybe 5 me and my brother where in my parents room relaxing and they were wanting us to take a nap with them. me and my bro were on a sugar high so we didnt want to . my dad asked us to give him a manicure. he only meant to cut his nails. haha.. we cut his nails... he fell asleep. while he was asleep me and my bro decided to really give him a manicure we painted his nails in a gold color. then we put make up and lipstick on him. when he woke up he was furious ... then he looked at us and he started laughing histericaly. he gave us a hug and made us go to walgreens and buy him nail polish remover. when we got back we all had a big laugh about it. we still do to this day


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