Wednesday, October 12, 2005


i lost my connection to you but am slowly finding it. it was so hard to be away but i know you never left. you showed me the way and i know lifes a test. even though i dont agree with everything, it must have a reason. its so hard to talk to you cause we havent talked in so long. why is it that i am in hell? why is it that my life is all fucked up? if everybody has a specific task in life, even dying to show someone else something....what kind of fucked up life is i know why i lost my way ...the ougliness broke me down. they say to keep faith ...but what if i never had it ... i know im alone in this world everything else is an illusion... pack up and make myself stronger. getting ready for the battle of life. been a war since day one.


Blogger Lorena said...

it is the people in our lives that make our world. enrich yours with plenty. i hope you have better days and remember that we all have these thoughts polluting our mind sometimes and it is a terrible feeling to feel so alone but you are not alone. stay strong!

1:40 PM  

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