Monday, August 07, 2006

feel like ranting... hey its been a while

so, i have a bro in our states correctional system ... for the past year... and two more to go.. well .. all my family always asks how hes doing .. how is he getting through it.. is he ok.. is he changing.. feeling remorse... etc... but just like i can write him a letter and find out .. they can too. do they ..NO... a couple have.. and for that im grateful.. even non family members have.. but those that he thought were closest are no where to be found to him.. everytime i talk to him, he asks about them.. what am i suppose to say when he tells me hey has anyone asked you for my address... well the answer is no.. i gave it to many of them.. but they havent used it... it sucks... i know if i was in his shoes i would be looking foward to many of those letters... does it really take that long to jot down a couple words on a piece of paper in between whatever you got going on.. a whole year and no words... fuck it.. life sucks..
ill keep writing though...


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