Monday, June 20, 2005

another random memory

i think i was 14 maybe 15.... my little cousin was riding his bike and got into it with some guy. i think that guy knocked my cousin off of his bike. if i remember right that dude whistled and a hole bunch of niggas came out of nowhere. my cus came back and called us ( we where all hanging in front of my grandmas house) we all ran over to the corner where they were waiting for us. my cuz asked for a one on one fight and he beat the shit out of dude. this one other dude stepped up to another one of my cousins. my cousin got his lip busted and i think dude did too. that was about it couldve of been worst there was like 9 of us and maybe 12 of them. i knew everyone of those fuckers from school i used to kick it with some of them. shits crazy sometimes but thats how it goes


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