Monday, June 20, 2005

same wave length

not my words just some quotes i felt......
i only comeout when the sky gets dark, in the night time we get sharked like when its the right time run around town scalping old folks with butter knifes, no regards for nothing. we all up on the gutter life i keep it on the down low just like a terrorist, planning out the illest shit but always keep it errorless. im like a bully that started in the 1st grade, picking up the chumps in class thats when the nurse came. sticking pencils in the hands of the principle. its nothing you can tell me cause im feeling indismisable. yo its the bad character. you know the routine, smoking doja in the back of the church with rev 2 clean, i never grow up i got twice for my huggas the last person who took us is permanently fishing with the fishes...i dont give a fuck what you think of my life, hitting every wife, cause we all up on strife.

no one knows i rub my toilet paper on poison ivory leaf.


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