Friday, August 05, 2005

fuck mtv...fuck b.e.t.

what are we getting at.... now adays music is garbage... bands hardly use real instruments ...everything is recycled from something older. kids are messin up everything. let me take that back. mtv and bet are fucking everything up. magazines are doing the same. these things show people that your not cool if you dont own a new car and some platinum jewelry and your not cool if you speak proper english or spell it for that matter. i have a couple young cousins in there teens and when i chat with them they are spelling the way they talk. for example. wat are ya talkin bout im finna get me sum new gear...what the fuck ... kids are lazy now adays.. fucken mtv look what you have done to our youth... bet is just as guilty.can you believe B.E.T. told delasoul ...recently... that they didnt want to play there new video cause they dont play videos for new artist... what the fuck ... what does it take to work there...obviously history of hiphop is not needed. one of my personal heroes is che guevara and i see kids wear shirts with his face on them all the time. ive asked a couple of these kids ...hey who is that, to see what they would say... some responses... oh he is a revolutionist.. his name is che...thats all they know.. or hes the guy jay z had on his shirt on mtv unplugged. ... what the fuck is going on now adays... read a book for gods sake.


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