Tuesday, August 09, 2005

water fight in the dark....

so i had to take a really bad dump earlier...here at work ... well we work in a building with several different firms in it... and we all share one bathroom. the bathroom has 2 shitters. well one of them has been broken for more than a week now. i was the first to arrive at my office today and as soon as i did i had the urge to go.... so i go in an its occupied ...by some jackass reading the news paper. so i was in there about 3 times in a 30 min range... this ass hole is still reading his paper... screw that i took some napkins and through them in the sink and turned on the water. after i seen were i was going to throw the wet napkins at i turned off the light and flicked about 4 wet napkins over the stall. then i went upstairs to the 2nd floor and took care of my needs... i guess i couldve done that from the beginning but then i would have nothing to write about.... plus i hate assholes who read the whole newspaper in the bowl.


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