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slavery, oppression, racism, injustice.... all things we fought to get rid of... all things that were brought by the europeans.... one thing that has stuck... RELIGION... isnt that a form of oppression and slavery... i think so... people had there own beliefs before their own were crammed down our throats... by ours.. i mean all indigineous people from north to south america... y canada tambien cabrones.... ok... im just saying.. i do believe in a higher being a god .. but not in the christian/ catholic sense... i mean i grew up catholic but ever since i seen curruption in my own church and in my history books... my eyes have been opened.. just about every or any war you can think of... (FOR THE MOST PART) has been because of religion.. cant people just leave other people to their own beliefs... im not putting any body down for believing in what they believe... but dont come down on me for not believing in religion the way it was presented to me...


Blogger Lobo said...

Apparently you Religion was not explained to you very well. You may think you know what Religion, any religion should do for people and the world. You don't seem to know history over centuries. You seem to just condemn the Roman Catholic Church or Christian churches for what you found out was part of their history.

Most cultural groups over time do several things - create a religion or belief system - say that some of the things they do is in the name of their god or done with their god's approval or protection - bump into other people living nearby and someone argues over land, animals, crops, water, etc. and there is aggression between them - they call upon their gods to support them in a fight or war - they take people from other groups (tribes, nations, etc.) as enslave them or make them part of their own group - If they win, their god is stronger than the other group's god and they were right to do what they did - if they lose then something they have been doing has angered their own gods - when others attack them they call on their gods to help them defend themselves and if they win the battle they take some things from the group that attacked them or may go after them to capture their town, settlement, city, etc.

Lots of things done in the name of religion are actually political actions using a faith in a god or gods as a back up for their actions - the mideast, china, Japan, American Indian, Mexican or Latin American indians, Europ people, Russia, etc. Not all battles are done in the name of religion but when they are, it's often just some leader wanting an excuse.

The Roman Catholic Chruch's history has more good than any bad you can name. To condemn it because some leaders have done what we think of as bad now has flaws - it is run by humand who will be imperfect in some decisions - mistakes and tragedies does not take away its power given by God and Jesus - the fact that some groups have not done terrible things (Amish) does not mean they are right, just that they have not developed or aspired to such power.

I suppose we can say - like Rodney King - why can't we just get along. It would be great if it was that simple but human beings are often in conflict with others for some reason or other (that's why we need police and the military). Some get along for a while but something often breaks down. Religion is part of society and culture. Past cultures did not think as we do today so its not fair to judge their actions with today's principles. They had their world view and what they were trying to accomlish.

Religon is to help us lift ourselves up back to God and give us a system to see God in our lives. It cannot always stop people for doing what they do but can show people what things may mean - good and bad things. It gives a system to be in the spiritual realm and touch God and to do this in a community setting, like a family. There's lots of good to be said about the Catholic church - it seems you have not heard much about it or you think that any wrong done will forever outweigh any good no matter how great or much. Keep praying.

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Blogger DeCoMpOsEd said...

i do pray just not to the catholic, christian church... like i said i believe in god just not in the one pushed down our throats.. if thats what you believe thats good for you .. but not for me..

11:19 AM  
Blogger Cracked Chancla said...

decomposed, i'm with you on this one. i believe in a god but i do have a strong prejudice for (manmade) religions. i don't need a religion to validate my faith in the good lord. ya know, i was almost lynched by a room full of customers (i.e. christians) recently for reminding them that they could not 'evangelize' in our secular establishment. its been an ongoing saga with them, they are bullies and very rude towards me for standing my ground. a friend reminded me that they don't see their behavior as such b/c they think they are doing the work of god. what a crock of tu-sabes-que.

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Blogger DeCoMpOsEd said...

of bull shit.. haha.. yea... i mean they can be free to worship who they want how they want in my opinion ..i was just making a point that these beliefs they have arent theres... at least not originally ... i didnt even touch on all the influences man has written in himself... in the bible for instance... why do you think the bible says to praise in the house of god... all for money .. isnt god all around us... why do i have to go praise him in a building.. he is everything around us. i dont know.. some people are just religious wackos... like lobo.. no offense but you got all uppity right away just by me saying i dont believe in it..

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