Thursday, August 10, 2006

my view

Is it to late for me to dream ... not in the metaphyscal.. but just the physical form.. started on my trip a little late.. got left behind but now im on track again.. every path is different so how do you truly know your on the one you belong.. they all start the same but end in oppossite ends of the spectrum.. back again with a force trying to make everything right. i once had a dream to be something i wasnt, to be something i didnt want to be. now i know what i must do to become who i was destined to be. not to sound to dramatic but its just a vision i had.. sitting hear listening to the sounds of the world the clacking and honking and screeching and yelping of our mother asking for help.. askin for a chance.. the sweetest feeling in the world comes from standing still and enjoying the view.. sit down and dream a little sit down and be a little bit like you used to be... be a dreamer again..


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