Friday, June 24, 2005


so i guess i wasnt busy and i ended up meeting joe and his girl for dinner. me and my wife showed up at about 6 and we met them there. it was this new chinese joint by our house.... very good food. everything went well til we started talking about how me and my wife lived together before we got married. we said that it was a good experience to get to know the other person first. Joe agreed and i thought that was that. But then diane (his chick) whoa .... she went off basicaly saying it was imorral but not in so many words. its like a christian kid trying to say god is cool but not really saying those words. i mean say what you fucken mean. anyways, she kept saying well if your gonna marry the person and you move in after marriage you can work on the problems then. she kept going on and on about it... i was like fuck it .. so who do you think is gonna win the game tonight joe spurs or pistons... meanwhile shes still rambling. then the convo switches to joes military experience. and she brought up the fact that shes going into the airforce, she must of noticed a grin on my face cause she said is there something wrong with that. shit at that point i didnt want to hear it anymore. i just told her i dont agree with everything going on right now fuck im anti-military when it comes down to it. she just went off well we need this war blah blah blah... at that point i just said GOOD LUCK and changed the conversation to sports again.
overall joe is still a pretty cool guy. the whole night i kept thinking, aint you the chick who was topless infront of me and my boys a couple of years ago, arent you the one me and my other friend have seen practically kicking it to every guy at a club. for fucksake joe open your fucken eyes.


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