Wednesday, June 22, 2005

prove it

i can prove to you that your soul exists. close your eyes, your mouth and listen. talk, say something but dont use your mouth. say a thought in your head or think something anything or just read this outloud in your head. what? who was that was it you. yes but in a different form, it was your inner soul. so does that mean that your just a vessel that your soul is using to communicate. i dont know, i dont have all the answers, but i have all the questions. So once you die where does your soul go? we know our bodies get buried, burnt, or set to sail. but what happens to that voice? does it go silent? or does it find a new vessel. we're like snails once we cant use our shells we find another. so which vessel will i take next? your sons, cousins, friends, friends friend....who knows does HE know?who knows!!!!!!!


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