Thursday, June 23, 2005

my evening

so yesterday after work i go home and my wife wants to go grocery shopping. fuck it i'll go so were getting all our stuff and we're ready to pay. We go to one of those self check out isles. we have a whole bunch of shit in the car so id rather go to where someone can scan and bag our shit for us but the wife said she'll do it.

All of a sudden i hear someone call my name, i turn around and its Joe ....Joe was a good friend(noticed i said was) ...ive known this guy ever since i moved to this state. he just got back in march from iraq. we went through the normal oh how have you been routine.... i asked him why he hadnt kept in touch cause ive seen him since he got back and told him about me getting married. he just said...oh i didnt know it was this soon. Well come to find out hes dating this chick who has been a mutual acquaintance since like 98 or so. This girl was the wild one ..the one that you say hey show me your boobs and oh here comes the top off. well -before he took off to iraq he dated her and thats when shit changed drastically.

when they started dating the first time she all of a sudden out of nowhere became ms. christianity ....and he became mr christianity..... well i wasnt no angel so after they started dating this fucker didnt hang around the normal crew...cause she told him we were evil. cause we like to party you know booze and the herbal enlightment i talked about before.... to make the story short lets just say they dated for a while he never scored and he actually proposed to her. well she accepted then called it off later ... they never said why.... ENTER THE ARMY... then he went to iraq for a while.... thats during the time i was dating my wife. We went to this club and guess whose there. Diane dancing, looking half naked. rubbing all over some dude. Well no more ms. christianity. shes back to her crazy shit... and thats only what i seen another of my friends can write about in his own blog about all the shit he seen her do with and without him.

yesterday i found out hes dating her again. WHAT THE FUCK ....some people are just weak as hell. oh yeah i forgot to mention he called me later in the evening and wants to meet for dinner. hmmmmmmmm i might be busy.


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