Wednesday, July 13, 2005

war on terror

they call our land a teenage wasteland, its more like a human wasteland. so much power, yet so much greed. so much money, but so much corruption. so many things we can do but our priorities are all fucked up. land of ignorance and hipocrisy. land formed of migrants but not any more are wanted. this is our land is whats said. whose we? this land belonged to the indigenous people who once called our streets home. now they are forced to a corner of the state they once owned. now everything is so fucken political. bush is fucking up everything, sending us back 10 maybe 12 years. gas is fucken expensive. people getting blown up left and right everywhere...but hey we are winning the war on terrorism..fucken idiot... its causing more and more terrorists. what do you think the children of today watching there parents getting blown up in front of them by the mighty u.s. and its allies are gonna grow up to be...osama bin laden clones thats what... speaking of him. shit we really forgot about him didnt we. dropped a few bombs and moved on time to avenge daddys name and capture sadam hussain.


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