Friday, August 18, 2006


ive been in a bitchy mood the last couple days today is no different... i lived in chicago for the first half of my life... but really grew up here in phoenix... well i dont remember the news channels over there... but im really hating them here... its getting on my damn nerves.. every time there is some thing big in the news... WE HAVE BREAKING NEWS IN THE JONBENET RAMSEY TRIAL ... WE HAVE VALLEY CONNECTIONS ... WE HAVE AN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH A COUSIN OF A FRIEND THAT NEW THE KILLER.... what the fuck it really is that bad... who gives a damn.... Its the same thing over and over... and stupid crap on the news too.... ive honestly heard more about justin timber lake not liking the american idol more than hezbollah and israel... are you fucken kidding me... i dont know if its the same everywhere ...but i bet people visiting our beautiful state probably laugh... i know i do.. gosh , idiots..


Blogger DCNats said...

sadly, that sums up the news of the day here in our Nation's Capitol... I'd have a joke about that but I'm too frustrated to make one.

4:18 PM  

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