Monday, June 27, 2005

friday night fights

so friday night me and my wife are suppose to meet her cousins at a pool hall. we decided to get there early and wait for them there. we started playing and joking around. about 20 mins after we get there, agroup of people get there and start playing at the table next to ours. they were all pretty young. it was a black guy and 2 latin guys with there chicks. a little while passed and these two white guys passed next to them purposely bumping into them. they got into an argument but then the 2 white dudes went outside. 20 mins or so passed and i seen one of them peek into the pool hall and he noticed that the black dude was alone im not sure where his friends were somewere in the building. then the white dudes came in along with like 4 of there friends. they all started talking shit then they walked away but one of them stayed behind and punched the black dude, but he had a cue ball in his hand and hit him right on the forehead....blood everywhere the rest of the white guys came at him and started knocking him around ... this happened in a mere seconds it was so quick it got broken up. they were all bruised and bleeding the black guy had a couple of knots on his head then his friends came over after everything was done and over with. shit i just wanted to shoot some pool. oh yeah i still havent remembered my dreams since the last one.


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