Friday, June 24, 2005

weird dream

im not even gonna try to explain this one the reason i wrote about my dream was because this is the first dream i remember almost entirely probably in the last 10 years no joke, most of the time i only remember bits and pieces. first of all it makes no fucken sense, not that dream ever do. im driving with some dude and apparently i work with him picking up TOOLS from the side of the freeway ( i know weird). we get to a spot were someone has taken our tools and just left the tool box empty on the side of the road. we follow the path and there are about 6 guys knocked out with the tools by their side. we pick up the tools, they wake up and start shooting at us. my friend or coworker dies and i wake up at still dreaming...
someone starts banging at the door very loud. i tell my wife and we both get up. i walk to the door look through the peep hole and there is a lil black lady kicking my fucken door. my wife asks through the door what she wants. she says open the door i live next door. my wife asks her for her address and she gave us a phony one. at least i think remember its a dream whos to say where the hell we are. she then forces the door open and tries to come in. she gets an arm in then i ram the door. BAM THUNDER wakes me up and thats all i remember of that weird dream ....dreams fuck with your head dont they.....


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