Wednesday, June 29, 2005

round 24

Im trying to win this fight got to practice with all my might. Chances are im gonna win nine out of a dime. All I need is time. Need to rest and relax from the grind. Shit I got constipation of the mind. I need to sit back and recline let time take its course and let my brain recuperate, so my soul can escape this body and experience a world beyond it. Kind of a shame cause im fond of it. This life is a fist fight, how many rounds that’s up to your creator so in the mean time be a spectator and a mentator. Share what you’ve learned, always be proud never scared. Ive been knocked out a couple times but always got up before the 10 count. This is my 24th round, im on my way to take the crown. But in the mean time im training my brain cause you cant win this fight with only physical strength.


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