Monday, June 27, 2005

my mission

whats my mission on this earth, i dont know.. but i know i lost the transmission i once had with the man up above. not saying i dont believe, its just hard too. mothers crying, kids dying, fathers and brothers lying. what to do what to say, should i kneel down and pray? or focus on my life before my path leads me astray. Dont look away, sit down and read cause im sure you thought the same. if not now maybe one day. all it takes is one let down, one melt down. get your shit together and dont feel sorry for yourself is what they say. but whose they, is it the man up above speaking through our relatives and friends. or is it that the holy spirit is just that, a spirit that lives in us and guides us, keeps us on the right path. who knows all i want to know is. what is my mission????


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