Friday, July 15, 2005

present feelings

i wear my heart on my sleeve. but you take it for granted. dont get your way, you get pissed. every emotion i have is like i missed what you were thinking. its never enough maybe im not the one. im so furious and confused and realizing all my time was misused. your ready for a fight while im ready to get on need to take time and redirect your hatred, i know i have a lot but its pointing in a different direction.what to do, running will get us nowhere but just add another problem.

my motivation comes in an herbal essence. i got no time to see the beauty in life. i wasted all my life searchingto get it snatched from the palm of my hand. im addicted to the feeling of numbness. i like to leave this world on a daily basis. thats the only way i feel confident that i'll make it another day. i cant take the pain i have so i shut it off. im always running away from my true emotions. im tired of having to answer to so many. life has its ups and downs, but lately its all down hill. is the track broken? wheres the up button. once the king of the hill now im at the base of it, and theres no looking up, the hole is to deep, i cant climb my way out of this one.

should i keep going or switch trains and take another route. what to do when you loose sight of the light that guides you. dont mind me im just a passer by. once a vagabond but dont wanna take that route again. tried the lime light, but it was to bright for my sight. im seeing everything as if it were a vision. is that why i dont let anything bother me, or is it that i built an invisible armor. it cant be pentrated by your feeling or emotions. but at the same time it traps mine within.

where you learn to lie and deceive it second nature to make my heart bleed. your a predator with no feelings or emotions just looking something to show you some devotion. thats when you strike
i need some medical help, what do you take for a broken soul


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