Monday, October 30, 2006

what to do

so friday, my wife calls me (we were expecting her cousins to come into town and stay with us for the weekend) and says that her cousin lets call her C... asked if her boyfriend can stay with us.. which neither of us have met.. and C met him twice before.. cause they live in different states.. WTF.. my instant response was hell no.. but she pussy footed around it and told her we dont have room... so her other cousins took it as we didnt want anyone to stay with us.. so its up to me to be the asshole and clarify.. which im more than glad to do.. i tell them.. hey everybody is welcomed to stay except the stranger... thats not what i said..but you get the point.. so C and her b.f. stay at a hotel and the other two stay with us.. all was good.. we met for pizza.. and before i even met the guy..i could tell he was stumbling.. and from what i hear.. he dont have a car, lives with his mom.. and dont work.. and hes in his mid 30's ...damn.. what a winner.. i guess they met at some conference in reno.. and been dating...long distance dating.. come on now.. so we go to the state fair.. and hes literaly shaking for a beer and tells C he wants one.. she denies him.. and i just stood back and drank my beer :-) as i watched the outcome.. its funny watching two strangers pretend there in love.. which they told each other they were.. WTF are they teenagers.. there older than me.. at the end of there visit im asked what i thought of him.. i plead the 5th and left it at that.. and im sure she thought i was an ass for doing that .. but i wouldve been a bigger one if i told her what i was thinking... i guess hes flying over to meet her fam for thanksgiving... should be a good story to hear... since her fam is very strict catholic and dont drink at all.. and have high standards.. hmmm.. like a disaster waiting to happen... but i kept my mouth shut.. none of my biz.. im just glad he didnt stay at my house....
on a side note the bears are 7-0 .. fuck yeah..


Blogger DCNats said...

i wouldnt have let that ass into my house either... AND I would have gleefully pointed out every tiny flaw at the first opportunity.

11:43 AM  

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