Thursday, September 25, 2008


things i've been missing ... I miss my childhood, i miss the simple days.. i remember walking down the alley and going to my grandmas house and passing the guys in the alley playing ball. i would join them a while in basketball, fast pitch or pinners or whatever other cool game we would be into at the time.. depending on the season. i miss going to my grandmas house and seeing my grand father on his red chair in the front of the house. i miss my grandfather saying ya llego la chusma whenever one of my aunts came with all there kids. i miss playing catch one catch all with everyone in the neighborhood. i miss hanging out with my best friend and cousins who were/ are my best friends. i miss hanging out on the front stairs and joking around with everybody. i miss neighbor hood rivalries when it came down to sports or throwing eggs at each other during halloween. i miss after school soft ball games. i miss walking to reda's or marias liquor store and buying hot cheetos and squirt or a big gatorade .. i miss buying cry babies and eating as many as i could at one time. i miss hanging out behind the post office and smoking cigarettes and riding bikes. i miss neighborhood block parties and family barbeques. i miss fighting with my uncle when all us kids teamed up against him.. but he'd still kick our butts.. i miss the over crowdedness of my grandmas house during a birthday or holiday. i miss being of walking distance to just about everyone in my family. i miss being teased and teasing my cousins for whatever we did/wore/ or said.. i miss my childhood... we grow up and all the good stuff is replaced by a routine that we dont like to do ...........


Blogger Jagjit said...

I miss my childhood too. Nostalgic. It was a nice read. Cheers!

6:54 AM  
Blogger DeeM said...

Funny, feelings of nostalgia brought me to this post.
It flooded my mind with similar memories. A nice read indeed.

10:03 AM  
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